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How eLearning Can Improve Employee Engagement

If you’re struggling to increase employee engagement in your organisation, eLearning could be the tool you didn’t know you needed. Offering more training opportunities to your staff has the potential to turn dissatisfied staff into thriving and productive team members.

What is eLearning?

eLearning, at its simplest definition, is learning that occurs online. This can take many different formats, from zoom seminars to self-paced online training courses that your staff can access at any time. Videos, online courses, and quizzes are all training delivery options for your eLearning experience.

eLearning is a great way to offer training to your staff at a time and pace that suits them. Instead of having to clear an entire day for an in-person training session, they can pick up from where they left off with an eLearning module whenever they have a moment.

This type of training is a great way to engage all types of learners. Some people will complete a course, remember the content, and never look back. Others may revisit concepts again and again until they have mastered them.

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Are your staff committed to their work? Workplaces with high levels of employee engagement enjoy higher productivity and increased job satisfaction, leading to more sales and more revenue.

Essentially, happy employees perform better in their jobs. This could be because they are putting in extra discretionary effort or just because they are not distracted by as many negative thoughts about the work environment.

How eLearning Can Improve Employee Engagement

In general, if your employees have the following, they are likely to be more engaged:

· An understanding of what is expected of them

· The training to do their jobs well

· The ability to do their best

· Regular praise, recognition, and feedback

· Trust in their manager

· Feel like management listens to them and values them

· Thorough understanding of business mission and how their role contributes towards that

· Opportunities to learn and develop

eLearning can support all of these requirements and more!

Show Your Investment in Their Futures

There is a clear link between staff training and employee engagement. Employees feel appreciated and valued when the company provides higher levels of training for them. Spending time and money on development means that you are investing in the employees’ future – something that many people look for in an employer.

No Pressure to Attend

eLearning can take place anytime with accessible online courses that staff can complete at their discretion. As a result, adding this type of training to your Learning & Development offerings is a great way to make staff feel appreciated and give employee engagement a much-needed boost.

Give Staff the Tools They Need

Nothing is more frustrating than not having the tools you need to do your job. This can include not knowing how to use the software you need to complete your work. Create some eLearning that focuses on showing staff how to use your systems. It’s a win-win because you’ll increase the correct use of the system as well as helping employees feel more engaged.


Instead of rolling out generic training that you clearly purchased without tailoring it to your organisation, ensure that your eLearning is specifically directed at your organisation. Staff will pay more attention if they realise that the training is developed especially for them.

Listen to Feedback

A great way to begin any new eLearning development project is to request feedback from staff about what they would like training on. This allows you to target your training development towards what people need help with. This helps to gain buy-in for the upcoming training and foster a positive attitude towards the eLearning when it is rolled out. People will look forward to seeing their suggestions used!

Need Effective eLearning Content?

If you don’t have the time or knowledge to create customised eLearning content for your organisation, you’re not alone. Many kiwi businesses turn to Follow My Lead to create tailored training for their staff. With online courses, training videos, and more, we have a range of eLearning solutions that can help you to improve employee engagement. Contact us today to discuss how we can help turn your staff into a more satisfied and productive workforce.

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