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4 Methods of Training Delivery You Should Consider Using

The method of training delivery you use for your new software rollout can be the difference between your staff embracing the new system and using it to improve efficiency or people either ignoring it or using it incorrectly. Training is a massive part of ensuring that the thousands of dollars you’ve invested into new software is put to good use.

4 Methods of Training Delivery


In-person training is the default option for many businesses. Classroom-based training brings everyone into the same room to learn about the new system all at once. It offers the chance for learners to ask questions of the trainer and allows for easier discussion and troubleshooting.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get everyone in one room to learn a new system, whether that’s due to schedules or having staff working remotely.

It's also important to be aware of ‘The Forgetting Curve’, which is a measure of how much people forget over time. Approximately 56% of new learning is forgotten in one hour, 66% in one day, and 75% after 6 days, according to research by psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus. With in-classroom training, if there is no follow up or revision of material, much of what your staff have been taught may be forgotten.


It can be helpful to have written documentation for your systems, including user guides and reference manuals that people can revisit to see how to complete specific processes.

This method of training delivery will suit some people far better than others. Around 20% of learners are happy to follow processes this way. The vast majority of your staff are likely to either never access the written training materials or find them difficult to use – the majority of people just don’t learn well from large paragraphs of written information.


Video training is an excellent ‘just in time’ learning resource. If you have video training that shows how to perform the required task alongside an explanation, learners can easily watch and follow along in the system. They can also revisit this resource as many times as they need to.

Some people will be able to learn the system after watching the videos once, while others learn slower and may access the videos again and again. This provides those slower learners with the chance to gain more support to learn the system without the potential embarrassment of asking the same question multiple times.

This is an excellent option if you have staff who speak multiple languages, as there is the visual element of being able to follow along with the video. The only drawback with this is that the spoken explanation will be in English. However, Follow My Lead can work alongside you to create captions in the languages used in your organisation.


Creating e-learning content based on what you want your staff to learn is a great way to promote knowledge retention. Instead of just studying something once, your employees can learn a process and then complete quizzes to aid memory recall.

This works well in tandem with video learning – learners can watch the video tutorials and then complete an e-learning course which will help them to remember what they learned.

One thing to consider about implementing e-learning is that most e-learning courses are built to be hosted on an LMS – learning management system. If you don’t already have an LMS for your organisation, these can be time-consuming and costly to implement. Follow My Lead can either work with you to offer e-learning hosted outside of an LMS, or we are working to create an LMS at an affordable cost for our clients. Please contact us if you’d like to see an example.

Looking for On-Demand E-Learning and Video Training?

The best way to engage your staff with a new system is by choosing an interactive method of training delivery featuring just in time resources such as videos and e-learning courses. By breaking learning into bite-sized chunks, your employees can learn a new technique in just minutes and start using it immediately.

Follow My Lead creates e-learning and video tutorials that help staff learn to use a new system. With interactive elements, engaging visuals, and an explanation of what to do, learners can pick up new systems faster than ever before. See some examples here of what we can do for you, or contact us to find out more.

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