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We turn complex processes into simple steps. 

Follow My Lead specialise in creating video and eLearning training content.


If your organisation is introducing a new system, or would like to streamline your onboarding process, here’s how we can help.    



How do we train our users?

We will work with you and your team to identify the training objectives. After taking into account any unique constraints or user challenges, we will develop a strategy to create and implement your content. 



What are the processes we want to teach?

Process mapping involves working with you to map out the processes that we want to teach our users. In some cases, this is straight forward. In others, best practice is yet to be determined, and we can provide support to achieve this if required. 



What will training look like?

Storyboarding brings our process map to life.  We transform complex processes into a series of simple steps, offering explanations, examples or supporting graphics as required. Storyboards are delivered as a mix of visual stills, voiceover copy and e-learning instructional design for your approval.



Let's Get Creating!

Once storyboards are approved, we can begin production. 
This involves:

- Entering any prerequisite data. 

- Voiceover, screen capture, motion graphics and editing for videos. 

- Building e-learning courses with interactive elements.



Learning Can Begin.

Upload your new training content to it's desired location and let the learning begin! With interactive elements, engaging visuals, and an explanation of what to do, learners can pick up new systems and processes faster than ever before.

To support your staff further we can also provide classroom training or drop-in help sessions. If an update is required in the future just let us know and we can make all the required changes promptly.

Benefits of tailor-made video training by Follow My Lead New Zealand

Remote learning is an incredibly effective medium when it comes to processes. 

Follow My Lead content is consistent, engaging and immediate. 

We were impressed with how quickly she picked up the system

"We got in touch with Sacha to create tutorial videos for our 3PL software company Consignly. We were impressed with how quickly Sacha picked up the system and the content she produced was fantastic.


We have had lots of positive feedback from our customers and it has made a huge difference for new customers getting started with Consignly. Our system is constantly being updated so it’s great to have Sacha available to make ongoing updates to the videos, this is a part of her service we really value.


Sacha is always a pleasure to work with and I would recommend Follow My Lead to anyone in need of tailored videos."

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