Benefits of video training by Follow My Lead NZ

Consistent, accessible training for every user.

Looking for a way to successfully train multiple users time and time again? You’ve come to the right place.


When it comes to process training, video is an incredibly effective medium.

The human brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than text. 

As a result, people remember 20% of what they read and 80% of what they watch. 

Humans are visual creatures. Video learning combined with the ability to practice what has been demonstrated is a winning combination.

Providing your staff with tutorial videos alongside new system access produces results. 


Video is Immediate

Just 24hours after training users only retain about 40% of what they have learned. After 1 week, retention drops further to just 15%. Learning is lost over time, so for the best results you need a training program that users can access repeatedly. Video training is available the moment it is needed - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Retention graphic for Follow My Lead custom software training videos in New Zealand


more likely to watch a video
than read text
Employees are

- Forrester Research

Video is Engaging

Because users choose when to learn, they are ready to engage with the content. This leads to increased retention rates. It’s training smarter not harder. 

Video is Non-Confrontational

Fear of making mistakes or looking stupid consistently ranks in the top 3 fears when starting a new position. One of the standout features of video training is that content can be watched repeatedly. And there is no embarrassment in doing so.

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Video offers consistent and accurate process training for every user across your organisation. Every time. This means reduced errors, clear expectations, and confident staff.


At Follow My Lead we take the time to know our audience, ensuring that 
training sits at that right level. Tutorials  are process specific and usually no more than 5 minutes long, meaning users can quickly find the answers they need.


People just enjoy videos more.
Providing users with an enjoyable 
way to learn means the content 
will be used time and time again, 
for years to come.


We turn complex processes into simple steps.

From a change management strategy through to process mapping, video production and implementation we work closely with our clients to achieve top results. 

We had a need for repeatable software training

"My engagement with Follow My Lead started when we had an identified need to provide repeatable software training to a number of staff based in different locations. It was important that the training was concise and easily followed to cater for a range of users from the technically capable to those less so. Follow My Lead met that need by providing a number of e-learning videos targeting the different functionalities of the software. 

The process to produce the videos was efficient and well communicated including an onsite visit by Sacha to ensure there was a comprehensive understanding of how to use the software."

Nick Oborne - IT Project Manager

Effective software and process training starts here.

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