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Learning management made easy

Provide your employees with a consolidated training hub that they can turn to anytime they need help or information.


An LMS is a software tool that businesses use to create and deliver etraining content to employees, partners, or customers. It helps companies to train employees efficiently, track progress, measure effectiveness, and stay compliant with industry regulations.


Companies that provide professional training and use LMS can increase employee retention by up to

- Matrix Blog

LMS Advisory Services

The team at Follow My Lead are LMS experts! We’ve used a wide variety of systems and created immense amounts of LMS learning content.

Choosing the right system for your organisation is critical, so it pays to get some good advice. 

We can help with the following:

  • Working with your business to identify how, where and why current learning occurs.

  • Identifying key attributes your organisation requires from an LMS.

  • Researching available LMS options that meet those needs and budgets.

  • LMS configuration and setup, including building a user matrix, managing role assignments, mapping learning content, managing any integration and supporting users to use the platform. 

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Access From Anywhere

An LMS offers online learning that your staff can access anytime. No scheduling, booking facilitators, or even meeting rooms. Instead, your employees can log onto an LMS from home, work, or anywhere to complete training.

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Improve Employee Satisfaction

Employees who feel that you’re investing in their futures are often happier and more productive. Get a personalised LMS and eLearning content for your organisation to show your staff you are commitmented to their development.

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Track Return On Investment

Gain certainty around how many people use the LMS with detailed reporting showing user progress. Measure course completion rates, assessment results, and more! Proving ROI is made easy with all this quantitative data at your fingertips.


Customise For Your Business

An LMS can be customised to meet your specific business needs, including adding your branding and content.

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Save Money On Training

Businesses digitise training by using an LMS and therefore save money on expenses such as travel, venue hire fees, and instructor costs.


Improve Learner Retention

Learner retention is improved when staff are provided with engaging, interactive content through an LMS.

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41.7% of companies save huge training costs by implementing an LMS

- Cryptex


We believe LMS platforms are a game changer when it comes to learning! But minimum user numbers and setup fees usually exclude smaller businesses.  For our smaller clients, we offer Voyager LMS, Follow My Lead’s comprehensive LMS platform that offers all the bells and whistles without the large price tag. 

Voyager Learning Management System (LMS) enables you to manage all your staff training resources in one secure, centralised environment. This includes training videos, eLearning content, registration for in-person training, and much more.

Progress and completion are tracked, giving you complete visibility over who has completed what course and when.



Give your staff a central place to access all of their training material and manage their own development. Course progression is encouraged within the LMS. Users can easily see what they’ve achieved to date and what is still to complete.

Our LMS is easy to navigate, content is interactive and adapts perfectly for use on a mobile or tablet.


Know which employees have completed which courses at any given time with up to the minute data on all user training.

Team leaders can keep track of their participants’ progress and identify anyone who may be falling behind or needs additional help.

Users can be separated into teams, so they only have access to content that is relevant to them. Team leaders can be restricted to see only learning progress for their own team.



Once delivered, your LMS is yours to use!

Your LMS comes with eLearning training to teach both learners and administrators how to use all areas of the platform. After that, we’re happy to help as much or as little as you need.

Admins can:

  • Add new users

  • Create your own courses

  • Upload existing documentation

  • Schedule live training sessions with a team member

  • Run detailed reports on user progress

  • Set automatic reminder emails to encourage progression


All the benefits of an LMS without the hassle.

Contact us today to discuss how using an LMS could help to collate all of your organisation's training into one easy access location.

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