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We love supporting others to learn…

When you engage with Follow My Lead you’ll be working with a passionate, knowledgeable team who love the tech industry and see possibilities where others see challenges. 

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Sacha is the founder of Follow My Lead. She has both a passion and a skill for demonstrating complex processes to those who find change challenging. Her background is in television, radio, marketing and copywriting. These skills ensure that learning content is engaging and easy to follow.

Sacha has worked with a wide variety of businesses, both large and small, achieving tremendous results.

Fun fact: Sacha also freelances as a voiceover artist.  If you listen to the radio or watch television it's highly likely you've heard her voice many times.

Training Specialist

Johanna leverages her background in Learning & Development to create engaging and effective training materials. She is excellent at cutting through the jargon to get to the heart of a process and uses this skill to draw out the most important information for training.


With an eye for detail and a love of words, Johanna thrives on helping companies improve engagement and productivity through exceptional employee training. 


Fun fact: 

Video Editor

Dylan has over 9 years of experience with both video editing and graphic design. His passion for motion graphics and keen eye for detail bring our process videos to life.


'First look' videos are his favourite, giving him the opportunity to really utilise his creative flair.

Fun fact: aside from video editing, Dylan also creates incredible 2D and 3D digital artwork that is sold around the world. 

We had a need for repeatable software training

"My engagement with Follow My Lead started when we had an identified need to provide repeatable software training to a number of staff based in different locations. It was important that the training was concise and easily followed to cater for a range of users from the technically capable to those less so. Follow My Lead met that need by providing a number of e-learning videos targeting the different functionalities of the software. 

The process to produce the videos was efficient and well communicated including an onsite visit by Sacha to ensure there was a comprehensive understanding of how to use the software."

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