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Why Elearning Is So Popular: The Benefits Of Online Training

In recent years, the popularity of eLearning has skyrocketed. With the rise of digital technology, more and more businesses are undergoing digital transformations. So, it is no surprise that more people are turning to online learning as a convenient and efficient way to gain knowledge and skills.

Why Is eLearning Gaining Popularity?

Online learning is undoubtedly a growing industry. The combination of technology and education is giving businesses the tools to cater to their ever-evolving workforce. With far more companies hiring remote workers and offering flexible working conditions, they have needed to find a way to keep up with the training and development of their staff. eLearning meets this need as it can be accessed from anywhere with just a device and an internet connection!

Benefits Of eLearning


The ultimate reason that eLearning is so popular is that it's convenient! Unlike traditional learning, eLearning allows learners to study at their own pace and in their own time. This enables your staff to balance upskilling with their other work commitments. eLearning offers the ultimate flexibility, enabling employees to access courses from their phones or tablets. They can view training while commuting on the bus, at their desks, or even while they work from home! The result is that there is no need to coordinate schedules to get everyone in a classroom; staff can access training at any time.

Quality Training

Usually, to get an experienced trainer to facilitate a training course, you need to pay them a premium to get them to come to your organisation. This includes an hourly rate as well as accommodation and travel expenses. It’s not feasible for many companies to bring in expert trainers, and they might have to settle for a cheaper alternative. By instead creating online training, you can gain the knowledge of experts in the field without the need to bring them into your business in person. And, once created, that training will be available for use time and time again.

Save On Costs

eLearning doesn't just save you money in facilitation expenses – another reason it's more cost-effective is that you can pay ONCE to have learning repeated many times over. Think about the costs involved in one training session – you're paying for time, materials, venue, and food, all for 10-20 learners. By contrast, you can pay for an eLearning course to be developed at a one-off cost. After that, you can give this course to hundreds or even thousands of employees far into the future without paying another dollar.

High Rate Of Engagement

One of the reasons that eLearning is beloved by employers and staff alike is that it can be extremely engaging. eLearning leverages the range of multimedia tools available, including videos, gamification, audio, and eLearning platforms, to design fun learning with a high retention rate. When training is more enjoyable and memorable, learners are more likely to remember and apply their new knowledge and skills.

It's no mystery why eLearning has become so popular. Due to its convenience, quality, price, and ability to help with information retention, eLearning is an easily justifiable investment in the future of your business. And, as technology advances further, eLearning will continue to evolve and provide even more value for learners and companies alike.

If you’re interested in eLearning but not sure how to start developing it, Follow My Lead would love to hear from you! We can walk you through the process and get you started on your eLearning journey.

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