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The Best Way To Support A Digital Transformation

As businesses move more and more processes to an online format using new technology, this comes with many opportunities and challenges for employees. Staff may see their workloads reduce as processes are streamlined. However, introducing many new types of software in a short time period means that the company is constantly in a state of change. So, what’s the best way to support a digital transformation to ensure the highest chance of success?

Why Undertake A Digital Transformation?

1. Better Resource Management

The purpose of a digital transformation is to consolidate information databases and software for the business. The result is better enterprise resource planning (ERP), which can save you money and simplify your workflows by reducing resource and vendor overlap.

2. Support Flexible Working

The Covid-19 pandemic prompted companies to pivot on previous opinions about flexible working, with more staff working from home than ever before. Even now, more companies are allowing flexible working arrangements and even offering fully remote positions.

When your employees are scattered across the city, country, or even the world, it’s suddenly necessary to have the ability for all work to be completed online. People need to be able to access their files from anywhere and have ways to engage and collaborate remotely.

3. Increase Profits

A digital transformation can increase workplace efficiency and even have an effect on the bottom line. When you reduce the need to go to many different places to find information or complete a task, staff are more productive and can get their work done faster.

4. Be Prepared For Change

Organisational change can be quick and relatively straightforward - if you’re prepared for it. The world right now is unpredictable, and the organisations that will thrive are those that are able to cope with change. By transforming your company to a digital-first workplace, your business will be prepared for anything. Digital transformation improves your agility and the speed with which you can respond to shifting environments and opportunities. Adapt and innovate as you continually improve your online processes.

The Challenge Of A Digital Transformation

A digital transformation affects all areas of the business, from finance to sales and marketing, and even upper management. Following a digital transformation, every single staff member in your organisation will access data and applications in a new way.

For this change to go smoothly, it’s crucial that you manage the transformation the right way.

The Best Way To Support A Digital Transformation

Having the right support in place can make disruptions to the status quo much easier for your staff. If you could give your employees everything they need for a smooth transition, making it simple to use the new technology, of course you would do it!

The best way to support a digital transformation is to invest in software training. As you’re expecting your employees to use new tools, showing them how to use the software correctly will be vital to the success of the transformation.

Training ensures that everyone learns to use the new systems in a consistent way to reduce errors and make the change easier.

Follow My Lead specialises in creating software tutorials that simplify digital transformation and encourage employees to quickly adopt new technology. The best part is that users can refer back to the training anytime they need a refresh. We design training to roll out alongside your new technology, enabling you to train many staff at once. Plus, as the training has already been created, you can easily share these tutorials with new employees to simplify the onboarding process.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us today to discuss how Follow My Lead can support the success of your upcoming digital transformation.

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