They say a picture 
paints a thousand 

we think video

is even better!

Check out a

sample video here:

Harvest Time Tracking: entering your daily timesheet

Learn how to enter your daily timesheet in the Harvest Time Tracking Software.

VTiger CRM Software - entering a new contact

Learn how to enter a new contact with VTiger's CRM software.

Time-saving Tips: word templates

Microsoft Word has a large number of templates that you can use to begin your document. Find out how to access them here..

Time-saving Tips: searching for an image with Google

We are all familiar with a Google word search,

but did you know you can also search for images?

Welcome to CirclePos

CirclePos is a complete retail management system bookstores. This video was created for Circle Software as an introductory demo video for their website.

Harvest Time Tracking: entering business expenses

Learn how to creating and edit your business expenses in the Harvest Time Tracking Software.

Time-saving Tips: resizing Excel columns

You may have an Excel spreadsheet that has text or numbers in it that are too wide for the initial column width. Did you know that you can automatically resized the column to fit the widest piece of text with a double mouse click?

Time-saving Tips: it's all in capital letters!?

We’ve all started typing something in Microsoft word and then discovered... it’s all in capital letters!? Don't delete it all and start again. Here's an easy fix.

Participating in a Zoom call

Planning a Zoom call? This tutorial will teach you the basics including joining your call, changing your viewing setup and using the in call features.

Scheduling a Zoom call

Need to schedule a Zoom call? This video will take you through it step-by-step and explain all of the optional features.

Time-saving Tips: Zooming in and out online

Ever wanted to get a closer look at something on your computer screen? You can zoom in and out with only the touch of a few buttons! Here's how...

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