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How Video Training Can Support the Change Management Process

Organisational change is inevitable as businesses scramble to keep up with an ever-evolving digital landscape, get ahead of the curve, and implement new innovations. As a leader, project manager, or change management consultant, you already understand the need for change. However, the same cannot always be said of your staff. As you go through a change management process, the more you communicate with your staff, the easier they’ll find the change.

Tips for Communicating Change

Take Control of the Narrative

Employees can be extremely averse to change if they don’t understand why it’s necessary. This is where many project managers go wrong – they identify the need for change, come up with a solution, and go ahead and implement it. This leaves out the crucial component of communicating to the end-users why the change needs to happen.

It’s important that you get ahead of any gossip and control the narrative of the change project. If people are first exposed to change through gossip and hearsay, the reaction is likely to be overwhelmingly negative.

Creating a ‘First Look’ video to introduce people to the change in a positive way can make all the difference to the success of your project. This video is designed to show the benefits your staff will gain from using the new software and explain why they should be excited about the change. Plus, they will get a glimpse into the system they are soon going to be using.

Clarity of Communication

Any communication related to change must be clear and consistent. Your staff need to know exactly what is happening and when, so they know what to expect. Additionally, it’s crucial to explain why it’s happening and what’s in it for them.

Software is a huge investment, and it’s important that your employees know why you’ve chosen to invest in this particular change project.

How Video Training Can Help With Implementing Change

Once people understand why things need to change and they are excited about learning the new way of doing things, it’s time to implement the transformation.

Accessible Training

The best way of implementing change is with excellent training. Implementing a new system without training and leaving people to figure it out for themselves can cause people to become confused and resistant to the transformation.

Instead, provide clear, accessible video training content to support your staff through the change. Effective training results in a higher rate of adoption and overall success. “69% of the most effective change programs offered training before and after go-live.” Google

Videos Help All Types of Learners

People learn in different ways. You will have some early adopters who can view the video training and start using the system straight away.

Others learn better by being able to follow along with the training videos, learning more kinaesthetically by putting the training into action as they watch the videos.

Finally, there is usually a group of people who may be slower to pick up a new system. For these people, it’s highly beneficial to have video training that can be accessed again and again as they learn and start using their new skills.

Access Training From Anywhere, Anytime

Video training is a great way to support a change management process because it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This eliminates the barriers to training attendance, such as workload, diary management, and location. Instead, you will have videos that can be viewed online from the office, home, or wherever your staff are.

How Follow My Lead Can Help

Video training ensures that your people have the tools and skills required to successfully adopt a new system. Whether you’re using this for onboarding or as part of a change management process, your staff will enjoy being able to access the training again and again.

Regardless of the extent of your strategy, Follow My Lead can support you to ensure your onboarding or go-live is a success. Take a look at our latest ‘First Look’ video to catch a glimpse of what we can do for you.

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