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Are You Prepared for Training Staff Remotely at the Red Traffic Light Settings?

training staff remotely

Under the traffic light system in NZ, staff are urged to work from home if possible during the Red setting. As the change was unexpected, many business owners and staff were underprepared for the prospect of training in the remote work environment. However, this is a great opportunity to update your training so that it can be used online from anywhere! You only need to invest in this once and then your company will have training that staff can use for years.

Training Staff Remotely at the Red Traffic Light Settings

If your staff end up working from home for months, do they have the tools they need to complete their work and be productive and happy? Creating on-demand learning is easier than you might think! If you already have documentation of your processes, have a chat to Follow My Lead to get them turned into engaging online training.

Training Online – Not Just Zoom

You need training that was created as an online experience. Zoom is an inadequate substitute for face-to-face interaction – you simply can’t run sessions designed to be in-person on a computer.

One interactive and efficient way to learn in the remote work environment is through eLearning tutorials. With video, quizzes, and engaging information, staff will be able to see their progress as they complete modules.

Development is a great way to show your employees that you’re invested in their futures and want to support them. This idea is backed up by research, with one study finding that employees working from home who’ve received remote training rate themselves as happier than their counterparts without training.

On-Demand Learning

With everyone working independently from home, what’s the point in booking a time for staff to complete training? If you invest in on-demand training, people can work through it any time that suits them. When employees choose to spend time on training, it’s often more effective than when a specific time for training is mandated.

Prepare for Online Onboarding

If you are expecting to hire new staff in the next 6 months, you need to consider the possibility that NZ will still be at the Red traffic light setting. How do your usual onboarding processes translate in a remote work environment? If you have previously used the ‘ask your neighbour’ method, this will no longer be a convenient way for new staff to learn how to do things.

Onboarding is a fundamental component of setting up people to succeed in their new roles. Without the right training from the outset, you may find that new staff members struggle to perform.

People need training to be able to perform their jobs efficiently. Creating an onboarding process that can be done online is a great way to set up new staff for success in your organization. This way, onboarding can be done in a remote work environment OR from the office without any changes required, no matter what traffic light setting NZ is at.

Use Microlearning

Microlearning is the perfect way for staff to learn remotely. Instead of spending hours reading user guides or listening to an instructor, staff can take in information in bite-sized pieces. Increase engagement and knowledge retention by turning learning into smaller chunks that staff can remember more easily.

Save Time with eLearning

Did you know that eLearning takes up roughly 40 – 60% less time than traditional learning methods? Your employees can learn just as much in a much shorter space of time using eLearning modules. This leaves more time for them to focus on their roles and implement the techniques they’ve learned during training.

Accessible, Engaging eLearning

If you want to be able to continue offering your staff excellent quality training while we’re at the Red traffic light settings, Follow My Lead can help. We design eLearning in the form of interactive online training and video tutorials, fully customized for your organisation.

Engage your staff no matter where in the country they are with convenient, on-demand training they can complete at their own pace. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you to support your staff while they learn from home.

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