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Benefits Of Using A Learning Management System (LMS)

If you work in the world of business, training, or HR, you’re more than likely to have come across a learning management system (or LMS) before. Implementing an LMS has the potential to transform learning in your organisation, making training easier to find, complete, and understand.

What Is A Learning Management System?

A learning management system is a place where your staff can access online training. This type of software enables you to administrate, track, report, and automate learning of all kinds; eLearning, video learning, in-person sessions, processes, and policies. And if you choose the right LMS, they can also do so much more than that!

Benefits Of A Learning Management System

Gain Insights

The more oversight you have of what training your employees have completed, the better. With an LMS, you will get access to detailed reporting features, allowing you to easily see who has achieved what.

For even more useful data, split the information by fields such as department and role type. This way, you will gain a full picture of training occurring across the organisation.

Train On Time, Every Time

If you have courses that must be repeated regularly, such as a 2-yearly Health and Safety refresher, keeping track of completions and reminding staff they need to take the course again can be challenging. But not when you have an LMS! Simply enter the training date into your LMS, select how often the employee should retake the training, and they will be automatically reminded.

You can also set due dates for courses to encourage people to complete training within a particular timeframe.

Collate Learning In One Central Location

Most businesses have learning in many places. Currently, your employees may access online training via your intranet, see your policies on a webpage, and book in-person training through email notifications.

One of the best things about getting an LMS is that you can bring all of these into one location, making training much easier to find. Book and keep track of in-person sessions through an LMS with quick links to book the time in your calendar. Create a policy library people can search to find what they are looking for and add training to be completed, all within the LMS.

Reduce Admin Time

Assigning and sending one course at a time to participants is a time-consuming task. With an LMS, you can create learning pathways containing related courses and enrol participants in every session at once! This is useful when onboarding new staff, for example, as you can bring together every course a new employee needs and give them automatic access just by adding their email address to the system.

Voyager LMS

Voyager LMS offers every feature listed above and so much more! Participants can earn badges, participate in discussion forums, upload assignments for marking, view training history…. the ways Voyager LMS can be used are endless.

Here at Follow My Lead, we spent many months researching LMS software to determine the features our clients would get the most out of. We take care of all of the setup and can even administrate the LMS on an ongoing basis if you wish. We’ve turned implementing an LMS into a surprisingly easy task and would love to streamline the process for your organisation.

Leverage the power of online learning by digitising and collating your training into Voyager LMS. Contact us today to find out more, or book a demo by clicking the button below.

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