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Potential Return on Training Investment

How Much Could You Be Losing Each Year in Unproductive Time?

Interruptions Cost You

Data shows that each time an employee is interrupted, it takes on average 20 minutes for them to refocus and get back to work. Therefore, the impact of your staff asking each other how to use software can have a huge impact on your bottom line.


Ever wondered how much time and money you lose to unproductivity? Enter your number of staff and average hourly rate into the calculator to find out.

How can you avoid staff interrupting each other and costing you time and money? 

The Solution

Get custom training built for your organisation that shows learners what they need to know, when they need to know it.

ELearning can be accessed any time users have a question, and it's simple to search and find training on a particular topic. 


Benefits of eLearning

Train users as and where it suits them with convenient eLearning modules. Find out more about the benefits of eLearning here.

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You may be surprised how quickly the savings outweigh the cost of creating the training materials.
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Training Health Check

How robust is your training strategy? Check how your training compares with industry standards by completing the Training Health Check here

Tips & Tricks

Looking for more advice on creating, accessing, and rolling out training to your staff? See our latest tips and tricks here

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