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Behind the scenes

media beginnings

When Sacha was 15 a family friend asked 
if she could voice a line for a radio 
commercial in a small local studio and 
her passion only grew from there!

She graduated from The University  of
Auckland with a Bachelor of Arts degree 
majoring in Film and TV Production 
and Media Communications.




Sacha has over 20 years of  experience in the Television, Radio and Media industry. This includes:




Audio and Video Editing 

Motion graphics 

Camera Operating  

Studio Managing


Radio Announcing


Throughout her life, both here and abroad, Sacha has spent much time working very successfully for recruitment companies on short and long-term admin and office assignments.

She soon discovered that her ability to quickly master new software systems made her a successful candidate for

any job.

It's this skill that really comes in to play with Follow My Lead.

I think most importantly you need the ability to pick up new systems quickly,

something I’ve always enjoyed and had a knack for. And then there’s the writing,

voicing, screen capture and editing. Uniquely I have experience in all of these 
and it’s exciting that it all comes together with Follow My Lead.
I love the

feeling I get knowing I’m empowering others to excel at their job...”

“I noticed a gap in the market. Video learning lends itself perfectly to software, but you need a unique skill set to understand a program and then create training content for others... 

Follow My Lead Director:

Sacha McGregor



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